Welcome to Crown Bay Wealth

At Crown Bay Wealth, we believe that true success stems from a personalized approach, meticulously designed to enhance your financial life. Providing a boutique, concierge experience, we craft thoughtfully curated financial plans and investment portfolios that align with your biggest goals and greatest desires. Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

Financial planning
Estate planning

Investment management
Business owner planning

Education savings planning
Non-profit investment consulting

We take pride in being a real fiduciary, always putting your best interests first. Crown Bay Wealth is not just a name; it represents an entity that is 100% owned and operated by our partners and employees, who are fully committed to your financial success.

Based in Newport Beach, California, Crown Bay Wealth extends its services to clients across the United States. We invite you to embark on a financial journey with us, where your dreams become our shared vision.

We're Different

In an industry built to maximize its own profits, we always put your needs first. And while lots of financial firms talk that talk, we actually walk the walk.

Wealth Management

As dedicated wealth managers, our mission is to empower you with care and expertise throughout your financial journey.

Wealth management built for you.